Current Research

                                                --- MY CV---


My primary research interests are in the field of Health Economics and Econometrics, more in particular, in Technology Diffusion and Hospital Efficiency, Health Technology Assessment and Policy Evaluation. All these fields of research are analysed from an empirical perspective.

I am currently involved in three main projects:

- NIHR project: "Identifying models of care to improve outcomes for older people with emergency and urgent care needs" with Prof. Simon Conroy and Prof. Andrew Street.

- Health Foundation Grant: "Health Care Technology Diffusion in the NHS and workforce impact" with Prof. Alistair McGuire and Dr Victoria Serra-Sastre.

- CRES (UPF) - Obra Social de la Caixa: "Physical Activity and Mental Health" with Helena Hernández-Pizarro


Prize for the best paper ("The creep of the robots") presented at the Spanish Health Economics Association Meeting, University of Castilla la Mancha, Albacete (2019) by a young researcher. Funded by "Cátedra CaixaBank-Fedea".


Curull-Sentís, M. and Maynou, L. (2020). Gender gap in paid work and housework: the effects of the economic recession (submitted)

Maynou, L., McGuire, A., Serra-Sastre, V. (2020). Exploring the impact of new medical technology on workforce planning. Discussion Paper Series No. 19/07, UK: City, University of London. (submitted)

Maynou, L., Ordóñez, J. and Silva, J.I. (2020). NEET rates convergence in Europe: a regional analysis. Economics Department, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón (Spain) Working Papers 08/20

Maynou, L., Morley, B., Montfort, M. and Ordóñez, J. (2020). House price convergence across Europe. Economics Department, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón (Spain) Working Papers 07/20

Hernández-Pizarro, H., Maynou, L., Herisson, M. and Saez, M. (2019). Physical activity and mental health: a systematic review. Health Policy Papers Collection 2019 - 09, CRES-UPF

Serra, L. and Maynou, L. (2019). How different socioeconomic conditions affect economic inequality in the Catalan regions.

Maynou, L. (2016). Restrictive vs Non-Restrictive drug reimbursement systems: evidence from the European countries. CRESWP#201612-95

Maynou, L. and Cairns, J. (2016). An Empirical Analysis of Drug Reimbursement Decisions in 10 European countries. Working Paper LSHTM-THETA nº2.


- "The creep of the robots" (joint with McGuire, A., LSE, Serra-Sastre, V., City, University London, Troutman, G., LSE)

- "Research productivity: Has the Research Excellence Framework 2014 worked? In which way?" (joint with Albert Banal-Estanyol, UPF and City, University of London, Mireia Jofre-Bonet, OHE and City, University of London, and Giulia Iori, City, University of London, Michael Tumminello, and Pietro Vassallo, University of Palermo)

- "Emergency and Urgent Care pathways" (joint with Andrew Street, LSE)

- "The Effect of Deaths of Despair on the Brexit Referendum Outcome" (joint with Alistair McGuire, LSE)

- "The lower physical activity, the lower mental wellbeing: evidence from Catalonia" (joint with Hernández-Pizarro, H., CRES-UPF, and S. Duran-Altayó, UPF)